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The Yin and Yang of property investing is all about balance

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At Ethical Property Investing, we believe in karma (for us it means consequence) and balance. Our main philosophy is 'work hard, take care of your family, and never sell your assets'! We are a wealth creation business that helps everyday Australian's turn their dream of property investing into a reality!  Our business was founded by Phil "The Urban Hippie" Harker, over 25 years ago. During this time he has been educating himself and teaching his team the Principles of Wealth Creation, along with having a mere investment portfolio of over 50 properties! Phil has taken his knowledge of how to invest successfully and profitably, along with what mistakes and pitfalls to be aware of, and turned it into a Best Selling eBook on Amazon - 'How To Create Wealth Through Ethical Property Investing'.  We want to show you that you can create wealth for your family, pass on your assets to create generational wealth, and still use that wealth to fund your lifestyle. We will teach you: The 4 Fundamental Principles of Property Investing; The Secret #1 Skill that separates super successful Investors from their competitors (who end up broke or paying too much); and The 5 Big Mistakes that most Property Investors make, and how to avoid them! Once you learn and start applying these little known 'insider' investing secrets, you will be on your way to creating your own property empire! If you are serious about building wealth through property then invest in yourself first:



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Are you seeking a way to financial freedom without all the hype? Then Ethical Property Investing's free one-on-one Consultation may be just what you are looking for ...

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The Ethical Property Investing Finance team has access to over 30 lenders, and is highly experienced in structuring loans that allow for accelerated property acquisition.

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Our dedicated property research team understand the key drivers and use the latest technology to pin point growth markets and specifically, growth properties. 



More and more people are taking control of their Superannuation and using it to buy investment properties. How? By starting up a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), you may be able to use your super to leverage into a property that could triple your asset base. The average Australian needs $1 million dollars, and a couple needs $1.8 million to be self-funded retirees and live a comfortable lifestyle. It is extremely difficult to get that in an Industry Superfund ... but by using our strategies below, you could triple your asset base and work your way into 6 - 10 properties over a 10-year period.

Did you also know that less than 0.60% of Australians own 3 or more investment properties, and less than 0.10% own 6 or more? Let us show you how you can become a savvy Investor, buying a property every 12 - 18 months over a period of 10 years, again, just by following our strategies below.



Buy long

or never sell

Buy for 10 years plus,

or never sell and have no

Capital Gains Tax to pay


Yields should cover the

holding costs

Yields (rents)

should cover the holding costs

(loan repayments, rates, insurances & management fees)


Capital growth should exceed the cash rate

The percentage the property is growing in capital, should be higher than the rate at which we borrow (i.e. the interest rate)


Vacancy rates should not exceed CPI (Consumer Price Index)

If we are borrowing money from an external source (i.e. a bank), then we have to have another source to pay it off (i.e. a tenant).

This is what creates the balance, the Yin and Yang of investment.






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